The surgery and cosmetic medicine practiced at ACSC can redesign each part of the face for tailored and natural rejuvenation. We consider a procedure a success when it works in harmony with the rest of the face, not when it is obvious. Our goal is to achieve enhancement and harmony, as opposed to idealised or frozen features. That is why, during prior consultations, our medical specialist explain the adjustments realistically and do not hesitate to refuse extreme requests: disappointment and failure can be prevented by professional ethics.


Baldness and thinning hair are a sign of ageing but not the end of the world. Corrective treatments and techniques have significantly improved to offer spectacular natural results on the long term.


Because each face is unique and the product of a fine balance, at ACSC we plan our procedures down to the millimeter to offer tailored solutions to each patient. This allows us to gracefully and naturally address complex aesthetic requests relating to the shape of the face.


A procedure on the cheeks and in the middle third of the face can restore volume, accentuate the cheekbones or redefine the contour. The results are always spectacular if natural harmony and symmetry are preserved.


Receding? Correcting a receding chin or lengthening chin can restore the natural balance of the face, bringing harmony to the profile.


The neck is one of the most delicate areas of the body: its skin is thin, exposed and is subject to many movements. ACSC offers a wide range of procedures for this undervalued area of the body, which is nonetheless important when considering the harmony of the face as a whole.


The mouth is a focal point of seduction and communication but unfortunately it can be affected by vertical wrinkles that betray the passage of time. ACSC is here to help reveal the smile that you deserve.


Whether too long, too thick, bosselated or too pointy, the nose can be an endless source of self-criticism. Fortunately, there are now well-honed techniques to correct such flaws, such as injections of hyaluronic acid to remodel, refine, correct or enhance a nose by erasing any flaws.


The eyes have the invaluable role of framing our gaze. They are the windows of the soul and essential for expressing our feelings, and therefore relating to others and ourselves. Whatever our age, our gaze should always be sparkling and piercing. Because everyone’s eyes are different and unique, ACSC offers tailored diagnostic and personalised procedures.


With small and easy operations, the face is given back its harmony with very little scaring as ACSC corrects quickly and without pain sagging lobes or too wide earlobes.


The skin is one of the most fascinating organs: it is so thin and yet provides the only barrier against external aggressions, such as microbes, pollution and UV rays. In addition to the skin’s numerous functions, its sensory receptors play a strong psycho- social and relational role in connecting us with others: we must take care of it.


Immaculate, smooth skin is more than just a dream for patients who have rosacea and/or varicosities, who often suffer from complexes as a result of these red blemishes. Knowing the importance of this complex, ACSC offers a treatment, fast and effective, to restore youthful skin, without any scarring.


Also known as “age spots” or “liver spots”, this pigmentation disorder leaves an undesirable image of skin ageing. At ACSC, we determine with every patient the right treatment to eliminate this excess melanin and leave the skin looking younger.


As well as being an intrinsic symbol of beauty, the skin is also a sign of health and youth. ACSC offers its patients treatments that provide an overall natural, youthful effect for bright, visibly healthier skin.


Wrinkles and lines can change our features, expressions and appearance more than any other marker of skin ageing. To stop wrinkles and lines in their tracks and preserve a fresh, smooth face, ACSC has a range of techniques to reduce deep wrinkles and leave the features looking natural and youthful.


Men and women of all ages want to have a young, firm body, toned, taut skin and not to have to worry about showing their arms or thighs, etc. For the body to continue to reflect an active lifestyle, ACSC always favours non-invasive cosmetic medicine methods.


Skin hydration is actually a basic yet major part of skincare, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by dehydration or “pruny skin”. That is why, as its main treatment, ACSC offers a variety of solutions to give the skin back its plump, fresh and firm aspect.


Whether hereditary, hormonal or stress-related, spots caused by acne and dilated pores are not only suffered by teenagers, yet continue to be associated with them. To effectively treat skin with rosacea, ACSC uses a combination of treatments, to offer spectacular, long-lasting results.


The skin is a special organ with deep physical resonance, as it continues to bear the scars of the past. ACSC offers a variety of treatments for those scars.